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CHICANE TAPE is a revolutionary masking tape designed to make masking in respraying applications and bodywork repairs more efficient. The tape is especially designed for masking rubber seals on windows, doors, bonnets and boots. Thanks to its unique characteristics, such as its central PVC reinforcement and adhesive on both sides, it saves time and materials compared to traditional masking methods. Find out more about this tape at

Winner of the Automotive Innovation Award at the Equip Auto 2017 trade fair.

Winner of Product of the Year Award chosen by readers of Décision Atelier.


  • Good mechanical strength
  • Good adhesion to surfaces like bodywork and glass
  • Saves time and materials
  • Suitable for masking in an infrared paint booth
  • Easy to remove
  • Very easy to use
  • Pre-cut lines marked every 20 cm to make application easier

75 mm x 20 m

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