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3D Dark Purple Foam Heavy Cut Pad 5.5"
3D Dark Purple Heavy Cut Spider Pad 6.5"
3D Light Purple Medium Cut Spider Pad 6.5"
3D Black Polishing Spider Pad 6.5"
3D Xtra Cut Yellow Wool Pad 8"
3D White Wool Pad 3". Packet of 2
Double Sided Wool Buff Pad 8"
Single Sided Wool Buff Pad 8"
Wool Buff Pad 8" Velcro
Waffle Pad Velcro Back
Velcro Backing Pad 7"
5pce Buffing kit for Drill
Lake Country Microfibre Finishing Pad 6.5"
Osren Velvet Buff pad
Dbl Sided Buff Adapter
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G360 Super Fast System Compound Kit Farecla
Workquip Loose Leaf Buff & Arbor 50mm
Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pad 6.5"
Mint ProTools ROD Microfibre Pad 180mm
Mint ProTools Wool Pad Dual 180mm
Black Diamond Wool Buff Pad

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