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Flexi Block
Multi Block 2 Sided
Rubbing Block Soft
Rubbing Block Medium WITH HOLES
Rubbing Block Large
Small Rubbing Block
Speed file holder
Rubbing Block Hard, 6" Velcro
Rubbing Block with clips
Dura-Block 6 piece Kit - AF44A
Dura-Block Standard block - AF4400
Dura-Block Scruff block - AF4405
Dura-Block Long block - AF4409
Dura-Block Round block - AF4404
Dura-Block 2/3 block - AF4402
Dura-Block 1/3 block - AF4401
Dura-Block Teardrop block - AF4406
Dura-Block Marine block - AF4410
Dura-Block 1/3 Radius block - AF4412
Rubbing Block Medium
Dura-Block Dura-Disc - AF4411
Velcro Rubbing Block
Dura-Block 2/3 Radius block - AF4413
Dura-Block Full Radius block - AF4414
Filler Applicator Plastic
Filler Applicator Metal 4pcs
Filler Applicator 10PACK
Filler Applicator 3PACK
3M Dry Guide Coat kit
Cheese File Curved
Filler Applicator Kit LARGE (5pc)
Tradeline Filling Blade 80mm
Filler Applicator Metal
Slapper File
3M Dry Guide Coat Refil Cartridge
Tungsten Cutting Block
Dura-Block H & L 2/3 block - AF4418Dura-Block H & L 2/3 block - AF4418

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