Tiffany Blue Brake Caliper Paint spray can kit

Option: Paint only DGTB

Tax included


This kit will cover 4 x Brembo sized calipers

Kit Includes:

Sanding Material

1 x can of primer

1 x can of colour

1 x can of clear

Step1: Sand and clean the brakes

Step2: Mask up then Spray the primer till they are covered.

Step3: after 15minutes spray the colour.

Step4: After 10 minutes Spray the clear


These spray cans are great for small touch ups or panel repairs.

We can make nearly any colour you need.

We also can match Dulux, Interpon, Colourbond and RAL colours.

If you need a paint matched, you can send us a sample and we can match that then pump it into a spray can for you.

Note: If your colour is a pearl, most of the time it will need 2 layers of paint.

The first layer will be a ground coat, the second will be the pearl.

Clear coat is needed for all pearls and metallic colours.

If your colour is a pearl that needs 2 layers we will contact you.

Your colour in a can.

Send me your paint code and vehicle make.

Also if you want a custom colour I can make something sick for you.

Can be used on Brake calipers, plastic and interior with suitable primer.

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