SUPERCELL Drying Towel

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A new, innovative twisted loop drying towel that will dry your car safely, quickly and easily. 

The new SUPERCELL from Nv Car Care has finally arrived. This towel features a high-quality Korean microfiber that utilizes a twisted loop for incredible absorbency and safety.  

SUPERCELL is also available in a variety of our starter kits, which can be viewed here

These unique fibers also allow for incredible ease of use, allowing the towel to glide over the surface of the vehicle whilst illustrating high levels of water absorbency. This towel can be used on cars with, or without protection and will surely make your drying process quicker, and easier than ever before!

SUPERCELL will ensure that your vehicle is dried in the safest way, scratch-free and streak-free on any type of vehicle! 

500gsm | 90cm x 70cm

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