SUNDSTROM P3 Particle Filters White

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Sundstrom P3 Particle Filters

Particle filter SR 510 or SR 210/310, provide P3 protection with full face masks and P2 protection with a half mask due to the limitation of the face piece.
A half mask with particle filter or combination filter is approved for up to 10 times the TLV.
Filter Replacement
Particle filters
shall be replaced after 2-4 weeks or sooner if breathing resistance becomes uncomfortable. If you can smell or taste contaminants through the filter, or if you experience respiratory irriation, dizziness, nausea or similiar discomfort, discontinue work and leave the area immediately.
The filter is best stored, clean and dry, at room temperature.
1. One precondition for the use of filter protection is that the air contains a normal level of oxygen.
2. Gas filters are effective against gas / vapour only. Particle filters are effective against particles only (such as dust, mist, smoke). If both types of contamination are present (i.e. while spray painting), a particle filter should be used in conjunction with the gas filter.
3. The prefilter SR221 is only a prefilter and cannot be used as a substitute for particle filter SR 510 or SR 210/310.
4. Never tamper with respirators or filters

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