SUNDSTROM Brown Gas filter SR 217 A1

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Sundstrom A1 Gas Filter (217) Class 1

The filter is approved as a class A1 filter, providing protection against organic gases and vapours whose boiling point exceeds +65C, i.e. solvents.
Filter Replacement
Gas filters have a limited life span which can be determined without previous analysis of the work environment. In cases where such an analysis is unavailable, it is recommended that a filter be replaced weekly, or more frequently if you can smell or taste the contaminants through the filter, or if irritation occurs.
The filter is best stored, clean and dry, at room temperature.
1. One precondition for the use of filter protection is that the air contains a normal level of oxygen.
2. Gas filters are effective against gas / vapour only. Particle filters are effective against particles only (such as dust, mist, smoke). If both types of contamination are present (i.e. while spraying liquids or condensing vapours), a particle filter should be used in conjunction with gas filter.

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