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    A professional grade foam lance imported directly from Italy. Upgrade your wash with the PA Foam Lance to ensure a safer, and more effective wash. 


    The Concours PA Foam Lance is an Italian unit made from high quality brass components. This comes with a specific jet to suit both domestic and proffesional pressure washes to maximise foam generation.

    Utilising Foam in your wash process improves the safety, and effectiveness of your wash. Foam will soften dirt particles, and drag dirt/debris down and off the panels. Once rinsed off, all dirt and grime will be removed from the car, and any leftover stubborn contamination will be loosened and softened. This can then be simply removed through hand washing. 

    Please ensure you choose the appropriate attachment for your pressure washer. 



    • Fill the empty bottle with 10-20% of foaming solution. You can check out some popular foaming washes here. 
    • Fill rest the rest of the bottle with warm water and attach the bottle onto the foam lance. 
    • Connect the foam lance to the pressure washer using the correct supplied fitting. If there is a leak at all, apply a teflon tape to the tread and tighten.
    • Turn the Black dial to the negative sign to allow for maximum foam output. This can be adjusted to suit the amount of foam you require once the pressure washer is on.
    • Turn on your pressure washer and foam the vehicle.
    • Allow the foam to sit on the vehicle, slowly softening any dirt deposits and gently dragging them
    • Rinse the foam with a medium jet width, starting from the bottom of the vehicle in straight horizontal lines, working up.