Sikaflex 527 AT

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The new Sikaflexå¨-527 AT replaces the traditional Sikaflexå¨-227 being a hybrid polyurethane sealant (STP Polymer), suitable for rubber seam sealing, welds, bodyworks.Sikaflexå¨-527 can be painted directly. It has excellent application properties, which make it an ideal choice to seal joints.AT means Advance Technology and witness the advanced technology ‰ÛÒ based manufactured innovative products of SIKA.Benefits of Sikaflexå¨-527 AT
Sikaflexå¨-527 AT it‰۪s a polyurethane hybrid that reacts with atmospheric moisture and turns into durable elastomer ideal for sealing, grouting and welding.
  • Can be painted
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has excellent adhesion to many substrates and is capable of traction in all types of paints.
  • It is resistant to aging
  • Has OEM quality level
Application Fields
Cover bodywork seams ‰ÛÒ Cover bodywork welds
Sealing of joints ‰ÛÒ Welding joint parts ‰ÛÒ Quick welding works.Cartridge 300 ml
Color: White , Black

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