Shine Mate Diamond Foam Pads Medium


Size: 5"base 6" head

Tax included


Shine Mate (Black Diamond) Blue Intermediate Cut Pad provides a superb moderate cut to remove imperfections on softer paints

Light density open cell professional grade foam ideal for removal of moderate to light defects on medium and soft paint finishes as well as finessing hard European paint finishes.

Designed for both Rotary and Dual Action applications The Black Diamond technology reduces heat generation due to a lower surface area on the panel, it is also more balanced than traditional pad designs and reduces vibration, leading to a user friendly safe polishing experience that produces consistent professional results. 

Extremely durable and easy to maintain, these pads are suited to a range of compound technologies be they SMAT, Nano or DAT, including Carpro Fixer.  


  • 4" - 100mm Suits 3" Backing Plate
  • 6" - 150mm Suits 5" Backing Plate

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