Septone Hammer Finish Paint Metallic Charcoal 400g



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Great for protecting frequently used and high-stress surfaces, Septone’s Hammer Finish paint is a hard-wearing finish that offers excellent protection, and a great appearance. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Septone's Hammer Finish is a rapidly drying, self priming paint that dries to look like hammer-shaped, beaten metal. This finish is ideal for equipment and trailers, as it not only hides surface imperfections, but also carries a greater resistance to scratches and chips when compared to traditional paints. The finish that is left is also anti-corrosive, however it can also be used on timber surfaces where required as well.


  • 400g
  • Tough, durable textured finish
  • Anti-corrosive, quick drying
  • For use on metal & wooden surfaces
  • Suitable for interior & exterior applications

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