Rupes BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pads


Size: 6"

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The Rupes BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pads have been designed to work with all machines and provide an exceptional cutting ability yet still have the ability to finish to a high-gloss on many paint types.

The Rupes wool pads represent a new generation of highly refined wool that redefines and challenges the perception that wool cannot finish down well on paint. These pads are made from natural wool that undergoes a significant refinement process to produce the finest and most effective strands of wool ever used on polishing pads.

The soft, plush, yellow wool strands in these pads have been specifically engineered to produce both amazing cutting and finishing qualities, while the semi-rigid and flexible yellow backing foam allows the pads to transfer maximum power yet conform to body panels producing a more even and consistent level of paint correction throughout each panel section.

The greatest benefit of these pads is that they can cut or level paint defects almost as well as microfibre pads, yet they do not suffer from the same overheating issues and in fact run cooler than foam pads. They also have reduced drag compared to microfibre pads and will continue spinning on your dual-action polisher well after many microfibre and foam pads begin to bog down.

For best results and performance on free-spinning, dual-action polishers, Rupes recommends using these pads with Rupes Keramik Polishing Compound, while with forced rotation polishers, Rupes Mille Fine Compound renders the best results, and with rotary polishers, Rupes Rotary Fine Compound will best extract the peak performance and gain the greatest results with these pads.

With the ability to remove sanding marks as coarse as 2000 grit as well as correct moderate to heavy paint defects such as scratches, swirls, water etchings and oxidation yet finish down better than any other wool pad in the past, the new Rupes Yellow Medium Wool Pads have truly redefined wool as an amazing material to polish automotive paint.


Pad Size (mm) Pad Size (inches) Suitable Machines
45mm 1.75"
Nano w/ 30mm backing plate
65mm 2.5" Nano w/ 50mm backing plate
90mm 3.5" LHR75E, LHR75
145mm 5.75"
LHR15II, LHR15ES, LHR12E, LK900E w/ 125mm BP
170mm 6.75" LHR12II, LHR21ES, LK900E w/ 150mm BP

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