OSREN Paint Restorer 51

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Size: 300ml

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A product that contains micro fine abrasives that removes oxidation, light swirls, marring and scuff marks. It also contains cleaning solvents that cleans stubborn stains and blemishes. Plus it leaves behind a layer of wax that adds to slickness gloss and hydrophobicity. That’s why we call it an All-in-One polish (5in1).
Get all these in a single step. 

OSREN Paint Restorer 51 is a versatile polish that’s pad dependent. You can pair it with wool pad for relatively aggressive cutting or you can also pair it with a soft foam for mild paint cleaning. 

Features & Functions: 
Ideally used for maintenance care for your paintwork and also used for express detailing jobs.

Cleaning Power: 9/10
Gloss Level: 8/10

Available Sizes:
- 1L
- 300ml

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