Nv SNOW | pH Neutral Wash


Size: 500ML

Tax included


A PH balanced wash concentrate with extreme lubrication, great cleaning power, while being safe to use on any wax, sealant or coating. Snow can be used in a foam gun or in a bucket.

The Ultimate Wash we believe is one that cleans the surface effortlessly but is practically harmless on the sealing layer of the vehicle. The PH Neutral (7.2) Formulation which is infused with a blend of biodegradable lubricants & cleaning surfactants makes washing a stress-free experience. We have created the perfect balance with this wash, creating an intensive cleaning ability that will not degrade the surface no matter what wax, sealant or coating the vehicle is protected with.

This wash excels in its ability to reduce wash marring, it has been enriched with several types of washing lubricants, all designed to reduce the friction in the washing process. Coupled with the CASCADE Wash Mitt, it will glide effortlessly over the surface, dramatically reducing the chances of wash marring and swirling.

This thick concentrate is at the absolute limit of concentration, it is jam-packed with safe, essential, cleaners & lubricants, which do not contain any waxes, polymers or simulated rinsing agents. It is a top tier wash that leaves no residue and is designed to provide the safest wash to your vehicles paintwork.



  • Dilution Ratio: 50ml per 10L (At this dilution ratio it provides maximum surface lubrication)

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