NV Lustre 250ml



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If you are after epic levels of gloss, sharp reflections and the ultimate metallic pop, Nova Lustre is the spray coating for you.

The durable Sio2 based spray coating forms a super slick glossy layer over the surface that can also fill in minor defects if need be. As a standalone spray coating expect to see up to 6 months durability. 

With an effortless application, Nova Lustre will transform your vehicle. You will reach new levels of gloss and clarity that has never before been reached, along with durable protection, and immense water beading. Maintenance will be effortless, and your car will be looking great all year round.

Enter the future of car care with Nova Lustre.



1. Spray directly onto the surface or onto a dry or damp 4seasons microfiber cloth (Fluffier, higher nap side)
2. Work into the area applied, take your time and make sure you apply right up to the edges
3. Wipe off with a clean side, or separate cloth. Low nap microfiber works the best (Other side of a 4seasons cloth)
4. If you are experiencing hazing on wipe off (as on some protective products it can take longer to adhere) wait 20-30 seconds before your second dry wipe.
5. Allow 2 hours for curing

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