NV Evo 30ml Ceramic Coating



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“If you are looking for a professional grade coating that can be purchased at any level, this is a fantastic choice. Crazy durability, chemical resistance, water behaviour, gloss… Nova EVO does it all.”


Nova EVO is a silica and diamond powder infused coating. This professional grade hybrid coating was created in the quest for a paint protective solution that incurred no compromise. The revolutionary coating boasts extreme levels of elemental protection & chemical resistance. Nova EVO can help mitigate light swirling & scratching through its unique friction eliminating surface structure. While Nova EVO creates a hardened sacrificial layer, this is not the underlying factor that helps mitigate swirls which a lot of companies misconstrue. With the addition of diamond powder the coating has a much stronger bond to the surface, also allowing it to last up to 3 years!

Nova EVO helps make your vehicle much easier to clean, the coating makes surface contamination struggle to adhere, allowing the vehicle to stay much cleaner for longer. The hydrophobic effect of Nova EVO is ground-breaking, the water sheets & beads off the surface at an incredible rate, helping release and clean the coating, which makes maintenance extremely easy.

Don’t just view this product as a paint protective solution, the coating creates a fantastic reflective layer than visually transforms the paintwork. Shades of grey become darker, colours become more vibrant and metallic & pearls are enhanced.

Nova EVO is truly a protective solution without compromise as it is also easy to apply. Before applying you need to make sure you wash, decontaminate, polish & wipe down the vehicle to ensure the best possible. To keep Nova EVO performing at its best level, we recommend using the quick spray and wipe Concours Nova Jet every couple of months.

Contains the Nova Evo Coating (30mL), applicators and a foam block. 



  1. Ensure the surface is decontaminated, cleaned and polished
  2. Wipe down the surface with Concours Clarity or CarPro Eraser
  3. Apply a line of drops on a suede microfiber applicator
  4. Wipe onto the surface in straight even lines, horizontally and vertically (Try not to work in larger areas, break each panel into sections no bigger than 50x50cm)
  5. Wipe off almost instantly, don’t wait longer than 2 minutes.
  6. Use a second towel to ensure even wipe off.

Curing Notes

  • 8 hour dry time
  • Try not let your vehicle see rain for at least 8 hours
  • Wait a minimum 7 days before washing your vehicle
  • This coating cannot be layered. A single layer is more than sufficient


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