OSREN NAO Polish 36

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Size: 300ml

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  • Removes swirls, oxidisation, minor etchings and light scratches.
  • Versatile abrasive that is capable of polishing and finishing by a mere switch of pads.
  • Waterbased fast cut polish.
  • Formulated with nanomized aluminium oxide for controlled cutting.

OSREN NAO Polish 36 is a versatile polish that is capable of performing medium cutting and finishing by mere switch of pads. Formulated with zero silicone, the exclusion of silicone means no defects will be masked during the polishing process. NAO Polish 36 is a true paint polish abrasive that is favoured by detailers.

Recommended to be paired with OSREN Nano Blue Wool on a dual action polisher to remove medium swirls and defects.

Cut Level: 9/10 

Available Sizes: 
- 1L
- 300ml

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