OSREN NAO Leveler 56

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Size: 400g

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  • Suitable for both dual action and rotary polisher.
  • Removes Orange peel, acid rain etchings, deep swirls, scratches and oxidation.
  • Pair with Foam Disc 2000 or Foam Disc 3000 for paint levelling and Nano Blue Wool for heavy defects removal.
  • Waterbased Formulation.

OSREN’s N.A.O 56 leveler is a unique abrasive that effectively removes orange peel and other heavy defects on paintwork. Formulated with clear coat softeners and nanomized aluminium oxides, levelling is made easier and safer for modern paintwork.

Cut Level: 12/10 

Gloss Level 7/10

Available Sizes: 
- 1kg
- 400g

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