Mobihel Basecoat Mixed Paint

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Size: 250ml

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This paint needs to be mixed with Thinners 2:1 only. No Hardener is needed.

Clear must be applied over this paint. Acrylic or 2 Pack is fine.

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MOBIHEL BASE MIX is a solvent–based basoat used in double–layer coating systems in combination with one of the MOBIHEL clearcoats. It is used for the final painting of personal vehicles, buses, trucks and other vehicles as well as for other metal objects and is part of the MOBIHEL Mixing System. The desired colour can be obtained by using the MOBIHEL Colour Navigator Formulation Software or by searching in the Mobihel Colour tools.


• Very fast flash–off and in–depth film drying.
• Further layers can be applied after the surface gets matt.
• Excellent spraying properties.
• Uniform results and effect properties.
• Very easy fade–out.

All 2 Pack products are available from our store. 2 Pack Paints: 2 Pack is a type of automotive paint that is used mainly in the Spray painting trade as it is extremely hazardous. It must be only sprayed in a spray booth and with the correct safety equipment, For Example: masks and overalls 2 Pack Paint needs a hardener to be added to it so it sets just right.

2 Pack paint needs a 1.5mm spray gun tip or smaller. There are two kinds of 2 Pack paints which are easily defined.

1. Metallic & Pearl Colours (colours that have a slight sparkle look to them)

This is called 'Base coat' because it needs a clear coat to be sprayed on top of it. (Base coat is mixed with base coat thinners and hardener only goes in the clear coat)

2. Solid Colours (colours that have no effects. Just plain solid colour)

Solid colour is mixed with 2K Thinners and Hardener, it does not need a clear coat.

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