Mint ProTools Wool Pad Dual 180mm


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The New Mint Protools Wool Pad Dual is a 180mm specialist pad designed to offer ultimate levels of paint correction and for removing severe surface marks such as scratches, deeper swirls, sanding marks and deeper water spots.

This pad is ‘Dual’ because it suits both Random Orbital / Dual Action Polishers and Rotary Polishers such as the RUPES Bigfoot LHR21 or Mint Protools Rorary Polisher.

The New Mint Protools Wool Pad Dual Pad has a high 15mm wool nap on a strong foam base allowing it to contour to the paint surface and deliver exceptional cutting/polishing performance. With a centre hole to provide heat dispersion and allow cooler running, ultimately prolonging the life of the pad. This is the ‘Big gun’ in your polishing portfolio for taking out the most stubborn marks before having to resort to wet sanding, but also great for taking out those sanding marks if required.

For best results, we recommend using this Wool Pad Dual in conjunction with a quality cutting compound such as Menzerna HC400 or Gyeon Quartz Compound+ to remove paint defects such as water spots, swirls and other imperfections including wet sanding marks up to 1500 grit finish.

It is recommended to follow with a polishing pad with a lesser polish like Menzerna MC2400 to ensure you achieve an optimal mirror finish.

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