Mint ProTools ROD Microfibre Pad 180mm



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The Mint Protools ROD (Random Orbital Design) Microfibre Pad is a 180mm pad designed to offer high levels of paint correction and remove most medium surface marks such as light scratches, swirls, holograms, and marring.

This pad suits all large throw Random Orbital Dual Action Polishers such as the RUPES Bigfoot LHR21.

All Mint ROD Pads have been designed with tapered finish with a 180mm face and a 145mm velcro back to provide better control, stability and balance while polishing. Combined with a centre hole to provide up to 15% cooler running during the polishing & paint correction process. This offers better heat dispersal to provide longer life and durability for the pads.

For best results, we recommend using this ROD Microfibre Pad in conjunction with a quality polishing compound such as Menzerna HC400 / MC2400 or Gyeon Quartz Compound to remove paint defects such as marring, swirls and other imperfections including wet sanding marks up to 2000 grit finish.

It is recommended to follow with a finishing pad with a lesser polish like Menzerna SF3500 or GYEON Primer to ensure you achieve an optimal mirror finish.

It is important to keep all pads clean when you are polishing; we recommend the Mint Pad Brush to clean out old polish residue and dust between each section. This should ensure even polishing across all sections and better performance of the pads.

Colour: White

Pad Face Size: 175mm

To Fit Backing Plate: 145mm (6")

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