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  • Metal Ready. Rust Paint Pre Treatment

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    Metal Ready is specifically developed to work in partnership with Rust Killer and gives your metal surface ideal surface adhesion.

    Do not use other metal prep products since many of them contain harmful residues which prevent the proper adhesion of Rust Killer Rust Prevention paint.

    Metal Ready creates the ideal anchor pattern for Rust Killer and is safe and easy to work with.

    After thoroughly degreasing your surface apply Metal Ready to both neutralise and remove rust.

    Surface rust removes in minutes. Allow up to half an hour and repeat if necessary.

    Do not leave it on for long periods. Rinse off with water and allow to completely dry.

    After drying it will give a salt and pepper look. This is normal with the Zinc Phosphate adhering to the metal.

    It's not necessary to use if the item has been sand blasted.

    Metal Ready also etches new clean bare metal (new metal always has an oil based preservative on it) and allows for better adhesion of Rust Killer to any paint coating.

    It is not caustic, toxic or flammable. If used in marine application we suggest that you contact us.

    Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litres