Kamoi Detailing Masking Tape (15mm x 18m)


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Masking Tape made for Detailing!

This High-Quality and High-Performance Masking Tape is made in Japan and is ideal for car detailing.

This automotive masking tape is thin so no polish build on the edges, and easy to mould around edges and corners – and it sticks to uneven surfaces.

Most masking tapes will release adhesive on the edges, which gets into your microfiber towel, and then sticks all over the paint that you just spent so much time polishing. The biggest advantage with Kamoi Detailing Masking Tape is there is no adhesive residue when you wipe off polish and a much cleaner result, reduce time and blood pressure.

It is easy to tear and safe on automotive paint finishes, it sticks well but releases easily after the job. If you are looking for ‘THE’ masking tape for Car Detailing – Kamoi Tape is it!

Size:  15mm x 18m

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