Gyeon Q2M Snow Foam 1L

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Gyeon Q2M Snow Foam is a highly concentrated pre-wash foaming agent that was designed to gently and safely dissolve, lift and loosen dirt and grime from your paint ensuring a safer wash for your car thereafter. Q2M Foam is safe to use on Gyeon Coated (and other coated) cars, but also for uncoated or surfaced such as polished or allow wheels and exterior trims. Gyeon Q²M Snow Foam ensures a highly effective first step in the cleansing process, and with its heavy thick foam, it will stick to the dirty areas to help decrease chances of marring or damage to the paintwork by dissolving dirt, grime and road film. Use Gyeon Bathe or Bathe+ with the 2 Bucket Method and a soft Microfibre Wash Mitt to gently wash your car - before drying with a soft Microfibre Drying Towel. These small steps will prevent any spider webbing (wash/drying marks) to the paint and also help the durability your protective Gyeon Quartz coating. Q2M Foam is very effective and dilutes 1:15 offering great value for money. To ensure that Q²M Foam offers its full potential it is recommended to use at 1:15 dilution (50ml), however for heavier dirt, grime and other contaminants we recommend to use at a ratio of 1:5. Rinse thoroughly after foaming your vehicle.

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