Gyeon Q2M Iron 500mL

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Gyeon continues with their innovative product designs for the needs of amateur and professional detailers with this fast acting brake dust / iron fallout cleaner creating Gyeon Q2M Iron - making which has become one of the quickest acting iron fallout removers out on the market to date! The main key ingredient in Gyeon Q2M Iron is a strong neutralised acid-salt. This reduces ferrous composites into a soluble form that can be easily rinsed away with water or high pressure system. This results in a safer way to remove these iron fallouts / brake dust from your wheels and other surfaces with little or no agitation required. Q2M Iron (Deironizer) has been formulated to be safe on all exterior surfaces, including plastics, trims, polished surfaces, wheels and paintwork to effectively remove and dissolve brake dust, rail dust and other iron particles upon contact. This cleaner also contains strong wheel cleaning detergents that will also remove general dirt, debris and other road contaminants from the surface or your wheels. This product is particularly useful for those who own European cars and other cars fitted with larger brake kits that product excessive brake dust. *For best results;* Please ensure for all wheel cleaners that your wheels are cold before usage. Spray a small even amount over the wheels surface, agitate with a scratch-free wheel brush if required. Allow to dwell for 2-4 minutes only and rinse off with a high pressure cleaner.

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