Gyeon Q2M Bathe 400ml

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GYEON Q2M Bathe is a pH-neutral, highly concentrated car wash shampoo, designed to remove road grime, dirt, debris and other contaminants on all types of paintwork including most matte finishes. Q2M Bath contains an ultra-slippery high-foaming action formula with no heavy glossing, wax or polymer agents which makes this pH Neutral wash extremely safe to use on all surfaces including matte finishes, paint protection and Gyeon Quartz Coatings without removing or harming the finish. *For best results:* Use Gyeon Q²M Bathe at a rate of 500:1 (water:product) which is approx 25 - 30ml in your 10L Wash Bucket. Wash your car using the Two Bucket Method with your favourite Gyeon wash mitt to wash, and a soft microfibre waffle weave drying towel to dry.

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