Gyeon Q2 Tire 400ml

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Gyeon Q2 Tire is a uniquely formulated SiO2 tyre dressing that unlike most tyre dressings, it embeds to the tyre's surface and actually bonds to the rubber at a molecular level. This allows a more uniform finish, and minimises the risk of sling onto the car and will repel dirt and water. Q2 Tire Gel will leave your tyres with a true deep semi-gloss finish that is not only offers UV protection but is also extremely durable; in fact results show up to a month or 5 washes before reapplication was required. *For best results:* Ensure tyres are cleaned thoroughly and dry before application. Use a small amount of Q2 Tire on a soft foam tyre applicator, and apply gently and evenly over your tyres. For a glossier finish, apply second coat within 10 minutes. *Please note*; This product does not come with a trigger as pictured!

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