Eastwood Brake Gray Aerosol - 368gm



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Eastwood Brake Gray Aerosol - EW11756Z

Brake Grey Paint is an ultra-durable resistant to brake fluid!

Eastwood Brake Grey is a durable, heavy-duty coating that actually resists DOT 3 brake fluid, so it's perfect for painting master cylinders, disc brake callipers, brake drums, spindles, mounting brackets and hardware.

Eastwood Brake Grey is a heavy-duty coating containing pure stainless steel pigment in an ultra-durable epoxy ester resin.

It can withstand temperatures up to 204℃/400℉ and can also be applied on metal, ceramics, wood and leather.

Brake Grey exactly matches Eastwood's Spray Grey

Brake Gray comes in a - 368 GRAMS - 13OZ Aerosol.

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