Custom Pearl Basecoat


Size: Spray Can
Color: Pink Rage

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Please note there are no refunds on these colours.

Please order a small size first or one of our spray out samples and spray out the colour to make sure you are happy with the finish.

This paint needs to be mixed with Thinners 1:1 only. No Hardener is needed.

Clear must be applied over this paint. Acrylic or 2 Pack is fine.

Click here for Clear Coat options.

Pink Rage
A Clean Pink pearl with multi coloured flakes that show up when light hits it. (Recommended use White primer or White base)

Purple Ridge
A Deep Purple pearl with Hints of blue and red sparkles.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Red Rubes
Almost a Candy Apple Red look, without the hassle of painting a 3 layer colour.
This is a single stage basecoat that looks like a deep cherry red but gives a nice pearl look when light hits it.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Red Night
This colour looks black in the shadows with a hint of red when the light hits it. A new black was used to make this colour and a clean high sparkle red pearl.
(Recommended use Black primer or Black base)

Blue Night
A Clean Blue pearl, You would think its a Candy colour. It gives a deep blue look and blue pearl sparkles when the light hits it. It uses a special pearl which gives it almost a 3D look.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Blue Lightning
A bright blue with a sharp pearl look. Includes hints of Violet and Gold.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Gunmetal Gas
Look twice, The longer you look at this colour the more you notice. Hints of Silver, Gold & Copper pearl. This is a serious colour that will pop and stand strong at the same time. It would look great with gloss or Flat clear over it.
(Recommended use Black or Grey primer)

Gold Cut
This would be perfect for wheels, brakes, trim, suspension, motorcycle tank & more. A light gold with a heavy metallic, a hint of gold pearl added for an extra bonus when the light hits it.

Gold Slice
A serious gold pearl. This means its clean AF. The pearl gives it an epic sparkle and depth. This colour increases the value of anything its applied to.

Green Gob
Green Gob, a dark green with a gold pearl. This colour also has a hint of blue pearl. Every angle looks different.

Green Ninja
A Light Green with a gold, yellow pearl. Similar to a Kawasaki Green this colour pops in any light.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Orange Bling
This is a deep orange with a gold & slight copper pearl. A very clean orange with a red tone to it. The gold flakes pop when the light hits it.
(Recommended use White primer or White base)

Midnight Ember

This name plays off the dark colour of black copper pearl while also incorporating the idea of glowing embers, which could be seen as a nod to the metallic finish of the paint.

 All 2 Pack products are available from our store. 2 Pack Paints: 2 Pack is a type of automotive paint that is used mainly in the Spray painting trade as it is extremely hazardous. It must be only sprayed in a spray booth and with the correct safety equipment, For Example: masks and overalls 2 Pack Paint needs a hardener to be added to it so it sets just right

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