NV Purge Reactive Wheel Cleaner


Size: 500ml

Tax included


The best way to clean your wheels. Safely remove contaminants from wheels such as brake dust, iron fallout and other contaminants, and ensure your wheels are looking great, all year round. 

Concours PURGE is a specially designed solution that targets the dirt, grime and contaminant build up common on wheels. PURGE also specifically dissolves the graphite compounds and deposits that are evident in automotive brake materials, allowing you to remove even the toughest of contamination.

When you spray PURGE onto the wheels, you will notice an instant colour change (turns to a redish purple) that will intensify over time. This indicates that the chemical breakdown of contaminants has begun.

When the colour change subsides its time to rinse the wheel. Do not leave PURGE reacting for longer than 5 minutes however. Usable on any type of wheel.

Ensure the safe removal of dirt/contaminants from wheels with Purge!



  • Use outdoors or with sufficient ventilation. 
  • Use Nitrile or protective gloves when working with PURGE
  • Ensure you have removed all wax or sealants from wheels. To aid in this and the cleaning process, you can use a powerful wash soap such as Concours Snow+
  • Don't leave PURGE to react for longer than 5 minutes
  • Don't leave PURGE reacting in direct sunlight

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