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Transform your Wash with the new CLOUDBURST Mitt. Cleaning your car has never before been quicker, safer and more effective. 

The Cloudburst Wash Mitt is back better than ever. It has been completely redesigned with a brand new weave of soft, Korean twisted fibre - making it more effective, and safer than ever before!

The longer strands of the microfiber mitt allow for a much greater surface area than regular short-pile mitts. These twisted strands grab more dirt and debris from the surface of the vehicle, holding it deep within its fibers and safely removing them from your car's surface.

This style of washing prevents swirling and scratching during the wash process, as the contamination is safely removed from the surface of the car and easily rinsed into a wash bucket. 

Make washing more efficient, safer and effective than ever before. 



  • Soft Korean Twisted Fibre
  • Makes washing safer and more efficient

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