Clay Disc 6"



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  • A WIDELY USAGE: SPTA clay pad is easy to solve the paint defrcts, such as pitch black, insects, iron powder, guano, heavy stain, oxide layer, oil, paint, adhesive, resin and so on.
  • A HUGE TIME&LABOR SAVER: SPTA clay pad has a velcro back which can stick firmly to a DA polisher or a wax-polishing machine. It cuts your two hours claying time to about 45 minutes and prevents your shoulders, elbows, arms and hands from wear on.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: SPTA clay pad features a hook and loop backing, which allows for simple install and removal from your DA.
  • LONG LIFE TIME: The high-quality materials ensures the clay pad can last for 5-6 times longer than the traditional clay bar.

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