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  • Our Caulking Tools will help you tremendously with any caulking jobs you might have. Caulk Saverså¨ are caulk saving tools that extends shelf life and allows you to store these products until you need them again.
  • The revolutionary Caulk Saverså¨ caulking tool was designed to cap, seal or plug leftover tubes of caulk and sealants in order to save these products from drying out.
  • Caulk Saverså¨ works with any silicones, glues, cement, tar, adhesives such as Liquid Nails, or spray foams that come in a caulk-style tube (including small caulk-style squeeze tubes).
  • The unique design and length of the Caulk Saverå¨ with its Patented Threads, seals and creates a channel into the tube and down into the good portion of the product. When the Caulk Saverå¨ is unscrewed and pulled out, this channel allows the remaining product to easily flow out. If the Caulk Saverå¨ design was any shorter the product could still dry up in the stem of the tube.
  • Caulk Saverså¨ Caulking tools, are now considered Eco Friendly tools.
  • After 30 years of using caulk and caulk-like products for home and business, I found:

    Every time I used caulk or caulk-like products, I needed to find some type of tool to puncture the caulk membrane. When there was caulk leftover, I needed to find something to cap or plug it in order to use the caulk again. This might a be a piece of wire, a nail, screw, dowel, or some similar device.

    Unfortunately, when I went back to use the caulk, it had usually hardened. No matter what devise I used to seal, cap or plug the caulk with, it had gotten hard. Impossible, to pull out of the neck (stem). Many times I ended up throwing the tube away and wasting the leftover caulk or product. This caulking tool is, a caulk saver and a "tool" for saving caulk and caulk-like Products.

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