CarPro TRIX 500ml

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A special chemical mixture formulated to remove Tar and Iron at the same time.

Specific IronX components were used and combined with the degreasing and tar removing power of TarX in one easy to use application, saving you time, shelf space and money! 



  1. Shake very well before each spray squirt.
  2. Spray on the surface, let react for 5 min maximum.
  3. Rinse off or agitate with soft sponge or MF.
  4. Consumption for full cover average car : 150~200ml.
  5. Comes with Trigger Sprayer



  • Before Full car spraying , please test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Do not let dry on plastic surface 
  • Avoid working under sunshine
  • Work in ventilated area with face & hands cover.
  • Avoid PolyCarbonate headlights - Don't let TRIX get on your headlights. If you do it is easily fixed with a light polishing but its best to try and avoid it to not make extra work for yourself

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