CarPro Tar.X

Size: 500ml

Tax included


An easy to use, highly effective tar remover that safely removes tar from all surfaces.

Tar X is a citrus based solvent for quickly removing tar, rubber, bugs, adhesives, polishes, sealants, waxes, dried polish residue stains on plastics and trim as well as other stains on the exterior of your vehicle.

Normally a tar remover solvent is clear in colour, however CarPro has added a non-staining, colour additive to Tar X to allow you to see where you have sprayed.


  • Removing Tar from Wheels, Arches & Paintwork
  • Removing Adhesives from Stickers, Badges and Graphics
  • Removing Bugs from bumpers and headlights
  • Removing Grease from suspension, engine and underbody components


  1. Spray the infected area with Tar X and allow the product to work. 
  2. Do not allow Tar X to dry on the surface.
  3. Spray a soft cloth with Tar X and wipe the infected area to remove tar & product residue

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