Size: 500ml

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CarPro Eraser is the perfect prep spray for any wax, coating or sealant. It removes all oils from the paintwork, readying the surface for optimal results.


CarPro Eraser was initially developed as a pre-cleaner to remove all the oils from the paintwork to prepare the surface for Cquartz coatings. Regular IPA's have been known to have a high evaporation rate, which only lifts oils to the surface without efficiently remover them.

CarPro Eraser not only lifts oils and other impurities to the surface, but safely removes & dissolves them from the paintwork. Eraser also contains a blend of lubricants to avoid marring on soft paints. It also leaves a static free dust repellent on the surface.

Eraser is the perfect prep spray for any surface for general cleaning, or to ensure your wax, coating or sealant works optimally.



  • Use as final wipe down before applying waxes, coatings or sealants
  • Safe to use on all exterior surfaces
  • Can be used to clean glass surfaces

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