Car Pro Reflect Fine Polish



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CarPro Reflect is a versatile, finishing polish that produces an incredibly high-gloss finish


CarPro Reflect is a rapidly-diminishing nano abrasive that is perfect for quickly removing holograms and light marring whilst still being able to refine down to a finishing grade for a perfectly jewelled finish.

Reflect is infused with nano-particles that combine with abrasives to enhance the reflective index of paint, allowing for crazy gloss levels to be achieved. It also is very easy to wipe off as it is balanced with strong lubrication and is free of any silicone or wax. Suitable for all application methods, including dual-action or rotary polisher, as well as by hand.



  • Produces an extremely reflective and glossy finish
  • Diminishing abrasives and unique nanotech materials
  • Wipes off like a dream
  • No durable fillers: 100% Body shop safe, No silicones, No waxes, No polymers, and No Teflon
  • No dusting
  • Excellent for Dual Action, rotary, or hand polishing
  • Removes fine swirls from coatings with appropriate pad
  • Great value!



  • Apply very thin line or X across pad
  • Spread product on low speed across section with one pass
  • Increase speed to around 5 on Dual Action
  • As Reflects diminishing abrasives break down lighten pressure and/or speed and continue to work until fully broken down
  • Wipe paint with a Plush Buffing Cloth and inspect or move onto next section
  • Clean pad with brush and apply 4-5 small dots or 2-3 drops of product for next section

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