Car Pro Essence 250ml

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A unique finishing polish that combines a silica resin and an abrasive compound into one solution to becoming an innovative all in one product.

Essence by CarPro is an innovative finishing polish that has a variety of different roles. Essence contains a light abrasive in its formula, which allows it to remove medium-light defects on all different paintwork.

It also contains a silica resin which can fill minor marring, whilst also leaving a protective layer than drastically increases gloss and instills a self-cleaning effect onto the car. This silica resin also helps improve the bond between CarPro Cquartz Coatings such as Reload, Cquartz and UK

This means in no extra time and at no extra cost, you can add gloss, thickness, and durability as part of your final polishing step. 



  • Minor defect removal due to abrasives
  • Minor filling ability due to Quartz resin 
  • Primer base coating for CQuartz coatings 
  • Standalone protection for Reload spray coating
  • Gloss increase over standard finishing polish with added protection 
  • Applied by hand or machine 
  • Improve scratch resistance of soft paints for easier CQuartz application



  1. Ensure the surface is clean of all oils, grease or previous waxes, etc. 
  2. Wipe down the panel with CarPro Eraser
  3. Apply 4-6 dots of compound to your polishing pad or hand applicator, and work it into the paintwork at a low speed
  4. Increase the speed slightly to generate more heat into the panel to maximise it's ability to bond to the paintwork
  5. Wipe off the residue and move onto the next section. 
  6. You should wait approximately 1 hour before applying Cquartz coatings over Essence. Use Eraser before application. 

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