Car Pro Essence Plus 250ml

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Essence PLUS is a unique solution that contains no abrasive and is imbued with SiO2 to help repair and heal ceramic coatings.

CarPro Essence PLUS is a specialised coating that has been infused with SiO2 repair agents, gloss quartz resins and hydrophobic nano-particles. Traditionally, the only way to get rid of light marks, scratches or imperfections that have occurred overtime on a ceramic coated car, was to machine polish the whole car to remove the coating, and then re-apply. 

Essence PLUS provides a new, smarter way to repair your coatings. It contains no abrasive, and will not remove any paint or coating. Instead, Essence PLUS will maintain, and heal your coating - filling these swirls, imperfections, and scratches with a silica resin which activates the repairing process.

Not only is the coating repaired and healed, but it is also greatly improved, leaving a new smooth, cleansed and hydrophobic surface that is glossier than before!



  • High Gloss 
  • Coating Maintenance - Repairs Ceramic Coatings
  • Adds a layer of SiO2 Quartz protection
  • Excellent Hydrophobic Agent
  • Use with Machine or by Hand
  • Cleanses the Coated Surface

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