Auto Finesse Aqua Coat


Size: 500ml

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Transform your vehicle quickly and easily with Auto Finesse Aqua Coat. Just spray on, and rinse off the solution that will bring you into the new age of car care.


Aqua Coat utilises new SiO2 technology that will quickly and easily apply long lasting protection to all exterior surfaces, with enhanced gloss, and self-cleaning properties.

Simply wash the vehicle and before the drying process, spray a fine mist of Aqua Coat onto the surface and rinse off. You will instantly see the transformed surface through crazy water beading properties, and great gloss.

This protection will last up to 3 months and can be layered/reapplied anytime.

Available in 1L.


  • Spray and Rinse Formula
  • Works on Paint, Glass & Trim
  • Bubblegum Fragrance
  • Durable for 2-6 Months


  • Ensure all traces of shampoo have been thoroughly rinsed.
  • Apply a light mist of Aqua Coat over a wet vehicle - be quick aqua coat will cover most surfaces whilst being rinsed from the car, usually a light mist across the majority of the vehicle will equate to the entire vehicle being coated when the solution is rinsed from the vehicle.
  • Rinse thoroughly from top down ensuring all trances of Aqua Coat have been rinsed away.
  • Dry with a microfibre towel straight away.


  • Allow Aqua Coat to dry on the vehicle (Aqua Coat does not require curing time)
  • Apply to a hot car or in direct sunlight
  • Over apply (less is more)

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