Alsa Easy Chrome Kit


Size: 50ml Kit

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This is the closest you can get to chrome with spray paint. The chrome must go over gloss 2k black.

Please note, for this Chrome finish to be achieved it takes a high quality near perfect gloss black finish.

We highly suggest that the Black base at least, is sprayed by a professional or a highly experienced spray painter in a clean dust free environment.

TDS can be found here Click

Black Base TDS Click

Please watch this video for detailed Instructions on how to apply this Chrome Paint.

4 days after the black has cured the chrome paint can be sprayed.

The chrome is quite durable in this finish.

Step 1: Spray 2k Black Paint
Step 2: Spray Chrome Paint (once black is fully cured)

Tints are available to colour the chrome. Here

Sizes available are


25ml - $50.00
50ml - $97.40
100ml $150.00

150ml $199.00

250ml $370.00
500ml $720.00
1L    - $1399.00



Kits below includes 2K black + Hardener and Chrome  (size indicates amount of chrome in kit)

50ml $189.00
150ml $349.00
250ml $550.00


Black base must be sprayed

An idea of coverage. 250ml of chrome covers 4 rims like in the picture inside and out. 

Clear Coat is optional and can be purchased separately. The clear coat will make the chrome look slightly dull.

Kits Available


50ml Kit $189

150ml 2k Gloss Black Base
50ml Chrome



150ml Kit $349

250ml 2k Gloss Black Base
150ml Chrome



250ml Kit $550

500ml 2k Gloss Black Base
250ml Chrome

Some options for spraying

2 Spray Mini Spray gun

1.0mm & 1.2mm Setup


Click Here

Star Mini Spray Gun

1.2mm Setup


Click Here

Durablock Mini Spray Gun

1.0mm Setup


Click Here




Click here to purchase

black base

Clear Coat


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