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    All 1k Acrylic products are available from our store. Acrylic paint can be sprayed in a garage or backyard and is not as harmful as 2K. Solid colours and metallic colours can be made in Acrylic. There are some colours that can not be made in acrylic.

    Acrylic is a lot cheaper then 2 Pack. Most older cars before 95 are sprayed in Acrylic. Acrylic needs to be buffed and polished after it is sprayed and is recommended to use a clear coat.

    The spraying mixture is 60:40.

    60% Acrylic Thinners to 40% Paint. The real key to achieving a successful repaint is in the preparation. Acrylic is by far the easiest and safest for the ‘car handyman’ to use, however there are some pro’s & con’s of each to help you decide.


    • Easy to apply
    • Dries in minutes
    • Easily sanded back & touched up when you strike trouble
    • Used with a clear coast on top then buffed & polished produces a great result
    • It is not harmful to your health
    • Over-spray is easily removed
    • Cheaper to buy, although you need more of it


    • Has to ‘buffed’ & ‘polished’ to achieve a good shine
    • It’s not as chip & scratch resistant as 2 Pack.






    Please note: Some paint colours are not available in the Acrylic paint system. If not you will be contacted and a COB style basecoat will be recommended.