OSREN 5.5” Cool DA Foam Pad Orange Light Cutting (140mm)

SKU: 9557542083554

Size: 5.5"

Tax included


Orange cool cutting pad are firm, high strength dense European prepolymer foam for light cutting and light scratch removal. All Osren DA Foam Pads are manufactured in the USA which have an advanced bonding system where its loop side is able to withstand high friction heat caused by Dual Action Polishers. 

To remove light swirls and scratches. 

Features & Benefits: 

  1. Enhances polish performance by having a slower polish absorption rate due to the closed cells pockets.
  2. Cool Pad has Run Cool Technology that allows working surface to heat up slower and allow polish to work longer before breaking down
" Diameter x ⅞” Thickness "

Attachment Method: 
Hook and Loop

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