3D Universal Protectant 18.9 Litres


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3D Universal Protectant is an extremely powerful, effective and economical all surface sprayable protectant that can be used in a variety of applications. Works great both on exterior surface such as tires & trim as well as interior dashboards, non-fabric seats, trim pieces or anywhere else a great shine is desired. It’s also the absolute most perfect engine compartment dressing available anywhere!

Universal Protectant protects, beautifies & brings back life to dingy surfaces without leaving behind any sticky mess. This product dries to a durable, non-tacky, smooth glossy finish and actually prevents dust collection and resoiling. Unlike other dressings, Ultra Protectant uses a special formulation of non-greasy water based polymer surfactants that will not prematurely age trim by implementing a powerful barrier. It also acts as a UV shield guarding against harmful UV rays that can fade and crack leather and vinyl surfaces, dashboards, and leather seats. In fact, with regular use, it will preserve your gentle automotive surfaces for decades.

Although Universal Protectant was specifically created for giving a nice sheen on tires, apply it to other materials such as your dashboard, steering wheel or leather surfaces to reap great results. In the end, the 3D Universal Protectant can really live up to its name: it really can universally protect anything and everything. Great for high volume and mobile detailers, dealerships, car care shops, RVs, Farm equipment or anywhere & anything that needs a great looking shine.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your car’s engine compartment? Have no fear because there are no flammable properties in 3D Universal Protectant. Spray it on while wet or dry. Just simply remove any unneeded excesses. The unique properties in this amazing dressing drastically reduce resoiling and dust collection which makes it ideal for this application.

Rest assured knowing that such a versatile & powerful protectant can also be safe for the environment. Like most of the 3D product line, Universal Protectant is certified Green and is 100% Bio-Degradable in nature. Although there are many products on the market that allow you to protect all of these automotive components independently, there are very few all-purpose protecting agents that allow you to take care and protect them ALL while providing a great shine!

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