3D Ultra Protectant 3.78Lt

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Ultra Protectant is a high quality, long lasting, water-based, UV resistant protectant with a high gloss shine. Use it on tires and in wheel wells.

Clean tires with your choice of 3D Yellow Degreaser, Orange Citrus Cleaner or All Purpose Cleaner. Once dry, spray a healthy portion of Ultra Protectant directly onto tires. Allow to soak in, then reapply as needed. Simply wipe any unwanted residue with a microfiber cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Pro Detailer Tip: Immediately after final rinsing your vehicle, dry the tires 1 st. Once dry, generously mist your tires & wheel wells with 3D Ultra Protectant. Then proceed to dry your car. This will eliminate any airborne particles from landing on your car leaving those pesky streaks when wiped over.

This spray-on formula also protects and beautifies exterior vinyl surfaces. Ultra Protectant is the perfect protection to dress tires Ultra Protectant protects tires and exterior trim from the sun’s damaging UV rays and penetrates the rubber and vinyl for Ultra Protectant conditioning.

Water-based Ultra Protectant is VOC, Green, and Biodegradable. 


Spray Ultra Protectant on tires, trim and wheel wells and get hundred percent coverage.


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