3D Trim Care Protectant 475Ml

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Trim Care is ideal for plastics that have discolored or started to lose their luster from sun and weather damage. Trim Care is very easy to use all you need is a black terry cloth sponge or even just a regular applicator sponge. A small amount of this product will go a long way. 

- Massage it in gently. 
- Get it into the seams and cracks
- Making sure we get 100% coverage over the whole area that has been      affected.
- Try not to get it on the glass, as it is very oily and can be hard to remove.
- Let it sit for a second. then wipe off any of the excess.

Trim car will look great as you use it for complete restoration of your vinyls, plastics and rubber on the exterior of your vehicle. There is no dyes, no fillers, there is no greasy or oily residue and your plastics are brought back to life.

Trim Care is a thick polymer protectant designed to restore and protect the original look of bumpers, trim, and rubber molding for up to 3 months. It is the perfect product to use on your vehicle in order to lock in that new original look.  Nourish and protect rubber gaskets & weatherstripping by treating them with Trim Care  Protectant. This product is extremely gentle and will not promote cracking or a drying out effect. This product also prevents further damage that results from the sun’s harmful rays as it has built in UV blockers that will stabilize your hard work from further deterioration. This special formula will make your faded windshield wiper arms and cowling black as if they were painted. For best results, first clean the plastics with a degreaser to lay the groundwork for that long lasting shine.  Trim Care is fortified with UV blocking polymers designed to retard the harmful effects of the sun preventing it from fading and drying out your trim.  

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