3D Grand Slam Degreaser 3.78Lt

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GRAND SLAM is so powerful that it is also used by  repair mechanics to clean the engine or axle area of grease and dirt before making repairs.  

You will not find a more powerful degreaser that is still safe to use at a dilution of 4:1 all the way to 20:1.

Dilution levels :

- Light duty, dilute 1:20 parts water

- Medium duty, dilute 1:10

- Heavy duty, dilute 1:4

Application tips :

- Avoid contact with hot surfaces

- Rinse surface with water to cool and remove loose debris


- After diluting in a 3D OSHA Compliant Spray Bottle, spray 

  directly onto surface

- Allow at least 30 seconds to activate, then rinse and wipe 

- Avoid letting product dry on surface

- For stubborn dirt, agitate with a 3D Scrub Brush or Sponge

- Follow with 3D Non-Silicone Dressing for the ultimate shine & protection

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