2k Solid Colour Custom mixed spray can


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These spray cans are great for small touch ups or panel repairs.

We can make nearly any colour you need in Solid paint (non metallic)

Australian Standard Colours are also available


If you need a paint matched, you can send us a sample and we can match that then pump it into a spray can for you.


ProXL is a professional range of coatings developed to provide a total product system that will increase productivity, without compromising on quality. This winning formula is the result of years of 'hands on' experience coupled with the latest technical developments in the aerosol industry. 

Pro2K is a superior high gloss finish that has excellent gloss retention. This product is easy to activate and apply with mechanical polishing possible after 24 hours.

  • Genuine 2K technology
  • In-can activation system
  • Spray gun finish from a can
  • 24 hour pot life
  • High gloss crystal clear finsh
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Polishable after 24 hours
  • 200ml

Shake for 2 minutes to ensure the two components are thoroughly mixed. Once this can is activated the pot life is 24 hours. This is the same chemistry used in professional automotive body shop repairs done today.  2K is highly recommended for it gloss, durability, flexibility, and petrol resistance.


Send me your paint code and vehicle make.

Also if you want a custom colour I can make something sick for you.

Can be used on Brake calipers, plastic and interior with suitable primer.


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