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  • Iwata AZ3 Air Gunsa extra setup only

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    You can replace the setups in this gun for different applications,

    If you already have an AZ3 you can buy a spare setup and install it on the fly.

    Fluid Tips Available:

    • 1.3mm: Suits all colour coat applications including metallic basecoat both solvent and water.
    • 1.5mm: Suits higher build application of non metallic colours, can be used for lower build primers. Also white spirit DuLux type wood vanishes.
    • 1.8mm: Suits primer application. Also suits emulsion application.
    • 2.0mm: Suits very high build primer application
    • 2.5mm: Suits polyester spray filler and very high build / unthinned primer application. Also suits heavy build masonry / textured.
    • 3.5mm: Suits liquid metals, tars, very viscous products