Auto Finesse Crystal


Size: 250ml

Tax included


Auto Finesse Crystal is an alcohol-based glass cleaner that is suitable for all glass and acrylic windows, leaving a smear and residue free finish...


Crystal is a highly concentrated glass cleaner with a balanced blend of distilled solvents, ensuring all marks/contaminants are effortlessly removed. This will result in a finish that is streak and smear free.

Its fast-flashing alcohol based formula is safe on all glass surfaces, including mirrors, and sensitive window tints. Crystal can also be used to effectively clean the lightweight polycarbonate or acrylic windows used in high-performance, or racing vehicles.


  • Smear and Residue free
  • Highly concentrated yet balanced with distilled solvents
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces, sensitive tints, and polycarbonate/acrylic windows
  • Effortlessly removes fingerprints and greasy films


  • If the glass is heavily contaminated, begin by washing with a light shampoo or APC to remove the bulk of the contamination
  • Start by applying a fine mist of product to a manageable section of glass (3-4 spritzes is usually sufficient to do an average window, or half a windscreen.), and remove immediately using a short pile Microfiber Towel.
  • Turn the towel to a clean side, and return to the glass for a final buff to reveal a crystal clear finish. If contamination still persists, repeat application, allowing the product to dwell and penetrate momentarily before wiping.

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